Fike Blue fire protection for ESS

Thermal runaway of a lithium battery is an uncontrollable rise in temperature and propagation of extreme fire hazards within an energy storage system (ESS). When the battery’s temperature reaches its threshold, the structural integrity of the cell breaks down, and energy is released. This results in a self-perpetuating cycle of extremely high temperatures and adjacent batteries going into thermal runaway. 

Severe fire events have occurred due to thermal runaway, and stopping it was previously impossible. However, Fike Corporation has unveiled a groundbreaking development – Fike Blue. This solution halts thermal runaway in lithium batteries of ESS and eliminates further cascading, possible re-ignition, and fire.

MJ Daly is a Proud Authorized Fike Dealer

 If your building has an ESS or you’re considering one, we can help you understand your fire protection options and design and install a system to meet your specific requirements. 

Fire Safety Solutions

MJ Daly’s comprehensive fire protection systems include wet and dry pipe sprinklers, deluge systems, pre-action systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, foam systems, Inergen and FM-200 systems, as well as above-ground water storage tanks, and underground fire mains and hydrants. We also offer the latest corrosion-preventative solutions with nitrogen generation equipment for wet and dry systems.

Our in-house fabrication facility also enables us to produce sprinkler piping more efficiently by streamlining productivity, reducing onsite work hours, improving material handling, and reducing waste for lower project costs.

MJ Daly Advantages

  • 3D Modeling / BIM
  • Revit and AutoCAD Design
  • NICET Certified Sprinkler Designers
  • Onsite Fabrication Facility
  • Code Compliant Solutions
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service 
  • Sprinkler System Inspections
  • Annual Fire Pump Testing

To talk with an expert about how to ensure that your fire safety system is fully compliant, contact MJ Daly.