Building Automation Control

MJ Daly’s building automation controls (BAC) are designed to help reduce the on-going operational cost by improving energy efficiency. Our specialized team of engineers and certified technicians can design, implement, and manage your project to ensure that your needs are fulfilled. Our BAC services are available for new construction and project retrofitting. We also provide customer system training, service, and maintenance including 24-hr emergency service.

HVAC Control

Our HVAC controls monitor your building, or sections of, for temperature, airflow, room pressure, and overall system efficiency. Adjustments can be made manually or set up to change automatically based on settings implemented. Any needed changes can be simply completed by accessing the control system remotely.

Lighting Control

lighting control

Our lighting controls provide substantial energy savings by monitoring lighting needs when rooms are occupied and then become unoccupied. Lighting is turned on and off by controls which sense when occupants are in a room or area or then leave. Lighting can also be efficiently set and adjusted to meet the occupancy schedules of the building.

Control System Design

control system design

MJ Daly can provide control systems designed to keep building occupants comfortable, productive, and safe while efficiently controlling the environment surrounding them. The building automation systems we provide can integrate seamlessly with other intelligent building systems to help create smart buildings.

System Integration

System Integration

We make everything from simple, configurable controls for specific kinds of equipment to highly programmable automation systems for entire buildings and facilities. Our controls are built in-house and then brought to your site for easy installation.

Control System Training

Comprehensive control system training follows our integration process and is available for building owners, technicians, and property managers. Once complete, you will have the full ability to make control changes, monitor system temperatures, perform analysis, and diagnose issues if they should arise.

24-Hr Emergency Service

Emergency Service

We provide 100% support!

Our certified technicians are available 24-7 if there is an issue with your building automation control system.

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