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MJ Daly welcomes Intern Mitch Osterhout, a Safety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences major at Keene State College. We asked Mitch about his major, his future, and experience at MJ Daly…

I chose Safety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences as my major because accidents can happen in all types of work environments. As a Safety Manager, it can be rewarding to be able to prevent these accidents and injuries from happening. I plan to graduate next year and be able to get a job shortly after. My experience at MJ Daly this summer has been great, I have enjoyed meeting tons of awesome people. 

MJ Daly welcomes back intern, Dan Shamas who will be heading into his sophomore year at UCONN as a biological sciences major on a pre-medical track. Dan has always been interested in science and intends to go to medical school and become a doctor. Dan joined MJ Daly as a junior in high school and has returned whenever possible. We asked Dan how his experience has been as an Intern at MJ Daly…

“Being a part of the MJ Daly family has been a real treat. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to make so many connections and meet such amazing people. Working here has taught me many skills, especially regarding communication, which has enabled me to feel more confident.

I have also had the opportunity to assist multiple staff members whose job responsibilities range from accounting, service, estimating, and project management allowing me to see the bigger picture of what occurs here daily at MJ Daly.

Moving forward, I will carry the priceless memories and skills my experiences at MJ Daly have provided.”