Monica (left) receives her SHS certificate from Martha Catevenis, OSHA Training Institute Education Center Instructor at Keene College.

Monica is a Safety Logistics Manager at MJ Daly and recently completed her Construction Safety and Health Official (CSHO) certification. This will put greater emphasis on safety and health regulations including liability, training requirements, loss control, program development, and implementation.

Monica indicated, “The learning never stops in the safety industry, there is always more to learn”. Her next goal is to take the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) board exam and eventually the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) national board exam.

Monica joined MJ Daly in 2016, but her interest in safety goes back to her childhood. She saw first-hand how OSHA developed and affected her father’s job – a union electrician for 35 years – and made it safer, reducing injuries for him and his coworkers. It was a powerful experience for a child to visit her father at the hospital after an accident. Monica said, “You don’t ever forget that, and if I can do even a little bit to prevent someone from going through that, I’m happy.”