Bedoukian Research Inc. is a flavor and fragrance company offering over 450 aroma chemicals as well as providing custom manufacturing to pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. Bedoukian is continuously looking for innovative ways to improve chemical processes and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Most recently, Bedoukian hired MJ Daly, an Arden Building Company, to create stainless steam piping for improved venting during processing. Detonation arrestors were attached to each of the outlets of the header which will allow flow but prevent flames from entering the header. If the temperature of the contents gets too high, the detonation arrestor will cut off the flow. The pipes coming from the header will contain vapor which will be used by Bedoukian to produce different fragrances.

Additionally, a 1000 gallon vertical tank was tied into existing piping from within the building. The purpose of this tank is to decrease the velocity of the gas entering the tank, which in turn will cause the gas to become a liquid. All stainless-steel piping was fabricated in-house and then transported to the Bedoukain building for installation.