Ivette Saunders
Ivette Saunders

In support of our valuable Women in Construction, we asked a few questions about their on-the-job experience.

Journeyperson, Pipefitter
Joined MJ Daly in 2015

How has COVID impacted work in your trade and on project sites?

It has made work a bit stressful since masks are always mandatory. Being such an exerting line of work, masks make it that much more difficult.

Since we know the construction industry is primarily male-dominated, what top three aspects have affected you negatively and positively?

As a female, there are times guys assume, and I cannot do something. Other than that, I have had a good experience. The positive is that I have dedicated time to build up my strength by working out at the gym. I mostly work alone, so I know I’m trusted with each task.