Fire sprinkler inspections

Inspecting and maintaining fire safety equipment is critical to running the systems effectively. Regular inspections will help identify issues that may need to be addressed and can help you get in front of problems that have the potential to get worse if they are not fixed. Since fire sprinklers are a life safety issue, this should be a top priority.

Key reasons to resolve inspection issues

Life Safety
Fire sprinklers in commercial buildings save lives. If a fire event were to occur and the equipment was not functioning correctly, a crucial system malfunction could occur. 

Property Damage
Fire is responsible for significant property damage across the country in commercial buildings every year. Costs can be astronomical. Equipment inspections and regular maintenance can help avoid issues. 

Code Compliance
Quarterly inspections are required to ensure the systems operate correctly during a fire emergency. Quarterly inspections include checking all flow and tamper switches for fire alarm activation, system pressures, sprinkler heads’ physical condition, and building use changes. 

Business & Tenant Disruption
A fire event can dramatically impact businesses and tenants. Significant loss of revenue can occur as a result of a fire when companies are put out of business. 

In addition to the standard inspections, MJ Daly also offers five and ten-year sprinkler system inspections and annual fire pump testing as required by NFPA 25. MJ Daly’s complete fire safety solutions include wet and dry pipe sprinklers, deluge systems, pre-action systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, foam systems, Inergen and FM-200 systems, and above-ground systems water storage tanks, and underground fire mains and hydrants. We also offer the latest corrosion-preventative solutions with nitrogen generation equipment for wet and dry systems.