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As the seasons change, so do your HVAC maintenance requirements. Taking proactive steps to prepare and maintain your equipment is critical to extend its lifespan and peak efficiency. Here are a few items to consider as we head into the warmer months of spring.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters clogged with dust and debris can contribute to poor air quality. If air has trouble passing through the filter, the system must work harder, causing additional strain on the equipment. That can lead to more energy consumption and increased costs.

Clean Outdoor Condenser Units

Debris, grass, and other materials can block the airflow of outdoor condensers, leading to inefficient operation and adding stress to HVAC equipment. Ensure the area around your condenser units is clear, and the vents are not blocked. Coils and fins should also be cleaned.

Indoor Component Cleaning

Blower fans, evaporator coils, and control panels should be thoroughly cleaned. Moving parts such as fans and motors need to be lubricated.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Your AC system should have the correct charge, or amount of refrigerant, to capture and release indoor heat. In addition, your system should be checked for any leaks.

MJ Daly’s service and maintenance programs include regular spring maintenance for all season changes.

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